PANELFA is a company dedicated to the manufacture of modular systems at national and international level and has an lntegrated Management System certified in accordance with the requirements of the lnternational Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. Aware of its commitment to its customers and other stakeholders, PANELFA puts in place ali the necessary resources to guarantee that ali manufactured and supplied products are made with full safety and strictly comply with ali the requirements specified in its customers’ contracts and orders. 
PANELFA’s Management expressly declares its commitment to promote compliance with the requirements of its products and services, protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution in ali the activities carried out, together with the safety of ali its workers, prevention of damage and deterioration of health, in order to achieve compliance with the following premises: 

By manufacturing products that meet the expectations and requirements of customers and other stakeholders, as well as compliance with current regulations, specifications, and applicable codes, improving production capacity by acquiring ali the necessary mea ns to do so.


based on continuous improvement, identification of risks and opportunities, and prioritisation. Failures should be used to learn and eliminate the sources or causes that have generated them.

Planning, developing and achieving the organisation’s objectives based on the needs and results obtained from the performance of the lntegrated Management System.

The Management is committed to comply with ali applicable legal requirements as well as other applicable environmental and occupational health and safety requirements.

Establishing Training Programmes to ensure highly qualified personnel.

Assessment of compliance with the lntegrated Management System for suppliers and subcontractors.

In terms of Occupational Safety, priority is given to the detection and elimination of dangerous conditions and unsafe actions. The commitment of ali personnel to comply with prevention regulations, by having·an effective communication with the Prevention Del’egate as a basic tool for consultation and participation of workers, providing suggestions and improvements, with the ultimate aim of reducing risks and achieving optimum working conditions. 

Quality, environment and occupational health and safety require the collaboration, participation and involvement of ali levels, therefore PANELFA is committed to ensuring communication, consultation and participation in the decision-making processes in the lntegrated Management System.

PANELFA’s Management ensures that its Poi icy is communicated, understood a nd accepted by a 11 stafF a nd stakeholders, providing a reference framework for establishing the objectives of the lntegrated Management System and verifying its effectiveness and adequacy with the help of audits.