About Panelfa

With over 20 years of experience in the market, in PANELFA S.L we are national leaders in the production and supply of products intended for both naval and civil habilitation. Our panels, doors, ceilings and floating floors have an insulating and fireproof capacity that together with the quality of their materials and elegant finishes, offer the best result. That is why our products have been installed on all kind of ships, including luxury cruises, warships, ferries and oil platforms. 

Present in 20 countries around the world
Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Neerland, Norway, Belgium, United Kingdom, Croatia, Russia, Lituania, Turkey, USA, México, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Brasil, UAE.


In PANELFA we are committed to continuous improvement. That is why we have not only an experienced and specialized human team, but we also consider that it is indispensable to invest in technological developments as well as in the best equipments. Thanks to this effort, we increase our productivity on a daily basis without requiring an increase in staff, which allows us to be more competitive and to ensure the know-how.


Thanks to our efficient production system, based on the most advanced technologies, in PANELFA we manufacture up to 900 panels each day, which means more than 300.000 m2 of panels a year.

Our clients

We work every day to make quality products, but what really supports us is the trust our clients place in us every day.

Over 20 years of experience
National leaders for both naval and civil habilitation. All kind of ships, including luxury cruises, warships, ferries and oil platforms


During the last years, our business volume has been increasing continuosly, which allows us to be constanly devoloping new products and improving those we already have thanks to investment in R&D (Research and Development).

Additionally, in PANELFA we test our products subjecting them to strict fire and sound laboratory controls in the prestigious Applus+ laboratories.


PANELFA is recognized in the market for our high level of quality and commitment to our costumers, the proof is that we hace obstained certi cations ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 as well as the strict quality control our products have passed which is subjected all the process from the preparation of the offer to the delivery of materials in the target set by the costumer. Also Panelfa is seriously engaged in the eld of safety and health at work and recognition of this commitment is the certification according to ISO 45001:2018.